TA for support in water sector – analysis of projects, phasing and ad-hoc support

TA for support in water sector – analysis of projects, phasing and ad-hoc support

Period of implementation: 04/2024 – 12/2024


Beneficiary – – EIB / Managing Authority of Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (MA LIOP)

The purpose of the Assignment is to assist the Ministry of Investment and European Projects (MIEP) in the programming tasks for water / wastewater projects submitted by Regional Water Operators (list in annex 1), especially in the preparation activities before evaluation.

In addition, the Service Provider will support the EIB PAS Team in preparing any analysis that may be required on water related issues like sludge management, risk management, climate change adaptation, etc. that could impact EU funded projects.


Main Activities:

  1. Verification of individual projects. Analysis of all necessary documentation, meaning the CBA, the Feasibility Study (all chapters) including written part and drawing for water / wastewater projects. The main deliverables that will be issued as an output of this activity are the checklists and an Executive Summary / Project Status.
  2. Schedule of Project Analysis
  3. Analysis of phased projects
  4. Other activities:
  • Guidance Notes for MA (Option analysis for sludge management; Option analysis for water / wastewater treatment plants; Guide on non-centralized sewage systems)
  • Update of Program documentation (amend templates for check-lists or other documents used for the implementation of Sustainable Development Programme (2021-2027)(SDP))
  1. Workshops
  • workshops project orientated having the objective to present the main results and lessons learnt during the Assignment including proposals of The scope of these workshops are to increase the capacity of the MA and beneficiaries in programming activities but also in monitoring activities. It will also help the MA in providing projects related guidance to beneficiaries.

workshops for transversal aspects (transfer of knowledge)having the objective is to to identify common mistakes, errors, unclear aspects, etc, as well as the manner to solve them.

Country: Romania


Donors - EIB FWA Lot 3

Sectors: Health

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and Capacity Development; Procurement; Design, FS, CBA,FA etc; Legal support; Surveys; Elaboration of guidelines, studies, strategies