Integrated Programme to Strengthen the Capacity of Romanian Institutions

Integrated Programme to Strengthen the Capacity of Romanian Institutions in the Fight against Money Laundering, the Combat against the Financing of Terrorism and Related Organized Crime

Period of implementation: 12.2004-09.2005

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary –  NOPCML (National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering)

The main objective of the project was to strengthen the capacity of the entire anti-money laundering system in line with the European Union Second Money Laundering Directive and Special Recommendations against the financing of terrorism of the Financial Action Task Force set by OECD members.
The specific objectives were focused on the improvement of the capacity and efficiency of all institutions co-operating in the identification, analysis, investigation, prosecution and trial of money laundering activities and on establishment of an interconnected specialized databases in all institutions involved in the fight against anti money laundering process.

Component A: Draft secondary legislation and internal standardized procedures, review the institutional system and delivery training for the whole institutions in the sector
• Assessment of existing legislation and propose new secondary legislation and internal procedures
• Review the institutional and organizational system and propose the necessary legislative amendments
• Create an operational system at national level with competences in collecting financial intelligence, investigating and prosecuting cases
• Create techniques of investigation for tracking and combating money laundering in the law enforcement and judicial institutions
• Determine the prejudices due to the anti money laundering cases regarding the competences of the Financial Guard
• Identification of means and methods of money laundering in the context of Romanian system
• Develop a Training Needs Assessment for identifying the potential trainers and the target group for receiving training
• Design the training curricula
• Organize and deliver seminars for the trainees
• Organize and deliver train of trainers seminars
• Design and deliver a Trainers Guide to help the future trainers in performing their training activities
• Design a Training Manual for prosecutors and judges

Component B: Design a feasibility study on the investment necessities of all institutions that are part of the anti-money laundering chain
• Assess the NOPCML’s investment needs in connection with the equipment, software and training for the implementation of a complete system for collection, analyzing and disseminating the financial transaction reports;
• Design a feasibility study for all institutions involved in the sector (computerized infrastructure, communication software, collection and processing of data).

Country: Romania


Donors - European Commission

Sectors: Justice; Managing EU funds

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; Legal support; Elaboration of guidelines, studies, strategies.