Training for Civil Code

Training for Civil Code

Period of implementation: 02.2017 – 03.2018

Country – Romania

Beneficiary – ANAF


The objective of this contract is to elaborate and implement a training program that covers areas of the Civil Code, including the most recent legislative changes, for NAFA staff.


  • Elaboration of the training manuals and of the training plan, in the area of the Civil Code, according to the characteristics and professional experience of staff in the fiscal administration, as well as other necessary materials for the proper implementation of the training program;
  • Delivery of 10 training sessions for the 200-persons target group;
  • Gathering feedback from participants and tackling the issues indicated by them in the following training sessions;
  • Issue of attendance certificates for the participants;
  • Elaboration of detailed training reports for each session, including the general conclusions and recommendation for the following sessions, and sending them to NAFA for approval.

Country: Romania


Donors - World Bank

Sectors: Justice

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; Communication and Events; Legal support;