TA for support in water sector

Framework Agreement to support the activities of the EIB Project Advisory Support Team – Lot 2: Environment and Energy : TA for support in water sector – analysis of projects AA-010462

Period of implementation: 01.2021 – 12.2021


Beneficiary- EIB


The overall objective of this Assignment is to assist the EIB Project Advisory Support Team (PAS Team) in their support to the Managing Authority of Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (MA LIOP) in the performance of their tasks as follows: assistance to the Programming Directorate in their activity of supporting beneficiaries of LIOP Specific Objective 3.2 (Water and Wastewater) in preparation stage, through analysis of the technical documentation submitted (or intended to be submitted) for financing under LIOP or other EU funds, including support in transfer of documentation to evaluation team (JASPERS).

The following results of the Assignment were achieved for each individual project:

  • check-lists for completeness of feasibility studies and CBAs in the water sector
  • before transferring for evaluation, a report of not more than 10 pages presenting the main aspects of the project and presenting missing information and/or lack of correlation between documents.


  • Verification of individual projects
  • Analysis of water and wastewater projects: completeness and coherence;
  • Executive summary of project and project status
  • Schedule of Project Analysis
  • Other activities:
  • Guidance Notes for MA, including Justification for rehabilitation of networks, Option analysis for sludge management, and Option analysis for treatment plants
  • Update of check-list

Workshops – to increase the capacity of MA LIOP and beneficiaries in programming activities.

Country: Romania


Donors- EIB

Sectors: Environment & Energy

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and Capacity Development; Design, FS, CBA,FA etc; Programming