Summative evaluation of “First Priority: No More ‘Invisible’ Children!”

Summative evaluation of “First Priority: No More ‘Invisible’ Children!” modelling project in Romania, 2011-2015

Period of implementation: 02.2016 – 03.2017


Beneficiary- UNICEF

Objective: The overall scope of the evaluation is to assess the impact of the modelling project “First Priority: No More ‘Invisible’ Children!” addressing the challenges faced by the children and families from rural disadvantaged areas in accessing basic services.
The summative evaluation is expected to provide quality evidence to inform key stakeholders at national and county level and make adjustments to the new modelling project “Social inclusion through the provision of integrated social services at community level currently implemented in Bacau county”, as well as to support advocacy for the transition towards accessible, sustainable, quality and child rights centered, integrated services at family and community level.


Activity 1 – Organisation of the Inception meeting
Activity 2 – Collecting data for the Inception report
Activity 3 – Drafting, submitting and responding to comments on the inception report
Activity 4 – Development of data collection instruments for the quantitative data collection methods – the survey questionnaire, and the qualitative data collection methods
Activity 5 – Pretesting the instruments
Activity 6 – Data collection according to the research framework and calendar, including carrying on the surveys, interviews at county and local level, focus groups, field visits, workshops with ‘invisible’ children targeted by the project
Activity 7 – Detailed analysis of data collected
Activity 8 – Case studies
Activity 9 – Findings, conclusions and recommendations validation, through expert panels
Activity 10 – Drafting, submitting and responding to comments on the evaluation report

Country: Romania


Donors- UNICEF

Sectors: Disadvantaged groups. Evaluation

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Surveys; Monitoring and evaluation