Program to Strengthen the Participation of Central African Civil Society

Technical Assistance Mission for the Implementation of the Program to Strengthen the Participation of Central African Civil Society (REPASOCC)

Period of implementation: September 2021 -January 2024

Country – Central African Republic

Beneficiary – Support Unit to the National Authorizing Officer of the EDF


The overall objective of the technical assistance is to foster an enabling environment for civil society and to provide support for the coordination and monitoring of the EU’s civil society engagement strategy in CAR.

3 main objectives are pursued:

  1. To provide technical assistance to strengthen the participation of CSOs in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the country, in accordance with the specific objective of the program;
  2. To ensure the general coherence of all the intervention components of the program and the actors, institutions and or mechanisms that are in charge in order to strengthen the existing synergies of actions and the consolidation of the results achieved;
  3. Follow up on the implementation of the EU’s roadmap for engagement with Central African civil society while developing a mechanism for its monitoring.


Component 1: Support for an enabling environment for civil society development and CSO capacity building

Component 2: Supporting CSOs in the development, implementation and monitoring-evaluation of public policies

Component 3: Support for civil society initiatives

Component 4: Cross-cutting management and coordination support

Develop a monitoring/evaluation plan (monitoring and performance indicators) and set up a monitoring table for program indicators;

Country: Central African Republic


Donors - EU

Sectors: Communication; Civil society; Local and regional development.

Type of Activities: Training and capacity development; Monitoring and evaluation; Surveys.