PIU implementation support

PIU implementation support – University of Medicine and Pharmacy “CAROL DAVILA” Bucharest, Ref. No. AA-011431-001

Period of implementation:11.2023 – 11.2025


Beneficiary – EIB / University of Medicine and Pharmacy “CAROL DAVILA”


The advisory support that will be provided through this assignment, will contribute towards a successful implementation of the project financed by EIB, for the (i) the rehabilitation and renovation of the Faculty of Medicine and (ii) the construction of a new Research Centre



Activity 1 – Support the Promoter in consolidating the project management organization and assist the PIU in the implementation of the project; assist in preparing the implementation planning documents / procedure manuals;


Activity 2 – Provide procurement advice for the procedures under the project, for the design-build, equipment and services, such as construction-site supervision; provide assistance with technical issues and managing of the procurement and contract administration of the works and service contracts (for example co-opted independent opinions);


Activity 3 – Provide technical advice during the Feasibility phase, preparation, design and construction phase of the project; provide trainings on technical aspects of project implementation;


Activity 4 – Support the PIU in the environmental screening (to identify if the project is likely to have significant environmental effects) and in the environmental assessment if requested by the Romanian authorities;


Activity 5 – Provide assistance for the development of the medical research centres; The Multidisciplinary Medical Research Infrastructure will consist of two buildings, dedicated to fundamental, applied and clinical research studies, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. The Service Provide will support the PIU:

– In the development of the research centres (Schedule of accommodation, Equipment Plan);

– Development of the procurement strategy and drafting the ToRs for the equipment;

– Provide best practices from other similar European Infrastructure Research Centres (at least 2).

    Country: Romania


    Donors - EIB FWA Lot 3

    Sectors: Health

    Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and Capacity Development; Procurement; IT services (software development); Elaboration of guidelines, studies, strategies