Mandatory training program for judges

Develop and launch the implementation of a mandatory training program for judges (needs assessment and training events)”

Period of implementation: 07.2016 – 12.2016

Country – Moldova

Beneficiary – World Bank
Project Implementation Unit of the Competitiveness Enhancement Project (PIU)


The main objective of the assignment is to develop and deliver training courses for judges in in the field of state aid enforcement in the Republic of Moldova, based on the Law on State Aid no. 139 of 15.06.2012 and on the best practices applied in the EU countries.

• Preparation of needs assessment, which should involve an evaluation of the training needs based on which the training will be developed;
• Based on above training needs assessment propose and elaborate training modules in the domains identified to be weak;
• Elaboration of a professional training program for judges in the field of state aid law;
• Elaboration of training materials that shall be used in the training sessions;
• Delivering of professional training sessions for judges in order to implement the legal framework in the field of State Aid;
• In collaboration with the National Institute of Justice and Competition Council evaluation of trainees and issuing of certificates.

Country: Moldova


Donors - World Bank

Sectors: Justice

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; Communication and Events; Legal support; State aid