Implementation capacity of Metrorex

Increasing project implementation capacity of Metrorex – MEF PASSA 2 – AA-010668-001

Period of implementation: 08.2021-10.2023


Beneficiary –EIB / METROREX


The overall objective of this Assignment is to assist the EIB Project Advisory Support Team (EIB PAS Team) in their support to the Recipient: Metrorex SA, with an emphasis on the project management, including preparation, procurement and implementation of projects.

Specific tasks:

– Project Preparation – assist Metrorex in project preparation by elaborating options analysis, feasibility study for procurement of rolling stock and terms of reference.

– Procurement including assistance to preparation and implementation of public procurement procedures, preparation of tender documentation, setting up qualification/ award criteria, management of the evaluation process, technical support during the evaluation process and

dealing with queries from potential bidders and public procurement authorities.

– Provide transfer of skills through on-the-job and formal training to ensure a high level of skill transfer to Metrorex staff


Task 1a:

– Updated tender documents for line 2 modernisation works

– Updated project preparation documents

Task 1b:

– Option analysis for signaling system

– Tender documents for feasibility study

Task 2a:

– Feasibility study for purchase of 50 + 30 new trains for Metrorex and applications for funding

Task 2b:

– Tender documents for procurement of for the 50 new trains (including long term maintenance)

Task 3a:

– Support during tender evaluation process for procurement of the 50 new trains

Task 3b:

– Standard tender documents for feasibility studies aiming at launching metro lines development

/ modernization works under a design-build scheme

– At least 4 specific tender documents for such feasibility studies

– Support during tender evaluation process for a number of feasibility studies

Task 3c:

– Set of tender documents for works (design-build)

– Support during tender evaluation for these works

Task 3d – Specific advice provided on ad-hoc requests.

Task 4 – 2 ”away” workshops of 12 hours training each

Country: Romania


Donors - EIB FWA Lot 1

Sectors: Transport

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and Capacity Development; Procurement; Design, FS, CBA,FA etc