Evaluation of General Programme SOLID

Evaluation of General Programme SOLID

Period of implementation: 02.2015-11.2015

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – General Immigration Inspectorate (Ministry of Internal Affairs)


The objective of the contract is to provide services for ex-post evaluation of actions financed under the annual programs 2011-2013, in terms of the overall objectives of the 4 Funds established under the General Programme “Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows”: ERF, EIF, RF and EBF.


    2011-2013 Annual programmes evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

    • for ERF and EIF: effectiveness, efficiency, additionality and complementarity, EU added value, sustainability, impact
    • for RF and EBF: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, utility, sustainability, coherence and complementarity of EU added value

    To achieve this specific objective of the contract, the evaluation team will seek to offer a response to the 10 evaluation questions, and use the following methods: documents analysis, interviews, focus groups, case study, survey.

      Country: Romania


      Donors - PG SOLID

      Sectors: Evaluation

      Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Surveys; Elaboration of guidelines, studies, strategies; Monitoring and evaluation