Development of the Penitentiary Units in Romanial

Development of the Penitentiary Units in Romania

Period of implementation: 11.2008 – 11.2009

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – National Administration of the Penitentiaries


The general goal of the project was the increase in the security level of the penitentiary system through an improvement of the efficiency of specific crisis intervention operations.

The specific goal of the project was the development of efficient resolution methods for crisis situations and the improvement of professional skills of the specialists employed by the National Administration of Penitentiaries through the organization of professional training in the field.


    ActivitY 1. The performance of an assessment of the institutional and legislative framework of crisis situations management (including TNA)

    ActivitY 2. Elaboration of an intervention plan to be implemented by the persons involved in the management of the crisis situations

    • The elaboration of the psychological profiles and of the selection criteria for the persons to be trained as negotiators in the penitentiaries
    • Selection of future negotiators (approx. 100 persons)
    • The elaboration of a procedure manual for negotiators
    • The elaboration of a procedure manual/general intervention plan to be used during all crisis situations which may occur in each detention regime

    ActivitY 3. The organisation of professional training activities for specialists employed in the Directorate for the Safety of Detention and the Penitentiary Regimes

    ActivitY 4. Organising professional training activities for the specialists employed by the Directorate for Education and Psycho – Social Assistance , including study visit

    Country: Romania


    Donors - EU - PHARE

    Sectors: Justice

    Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development.