Advisory support to the Ministry of Health

Framework Agreement to support the activities of the EIB Project Advisory Support Team – Lot 3 : Healthcare – Advisory support to the Ministry of Health in development of the Project Management Plan for the construction of 3 Regional Emergency Hospitals (REHs) in Romania AA-010454-001

Period of implementation:12.2020-04.2023


Beneficiary – EIB


The overall objective of this Assignment is to provide advisory support to the MoH in implementing the project. The investment Project is defined as to plan, construct, equip, furnish and operationalize 3 REHs in Iasi, Cluj and Craiova. More specifically, the Service Provider, under this assignment, will provide advisory support the MoH’s Department of Monitoring and Implementing Regional Hospitals Projects (DMIRH) and Project Implementation Unit (PIU) and PAS Team.


  • Activity 1: Developing the Project Management Plan (PMP) for Iasi, Cluj and Craiova REHs

Including Executive Summary, Project’s Detailed Charter, Project’s Success Indicators (PSI),

Project Management Approach, Scope Management Plan (SMP), Procurement Management Plan (PcMP)

Cost Management Plan (CoMP), Schedule Management Plan (ScMP), Contract Administration Plan (CAP)

Quality Management Plan (QMP), Risk Management Plan (RMP), Stakeholders’ Management Strategy

Communication Management Plan, Project Reporting, Project Control & Audit Traceability

Lessons Learnt

  • Activity 2: Developing the Project Tracking Tool (PTT), including Project’s Dashboard

Cost Module, Finance Module, Procurement Module, Contracts & Commitments Module

Risks Module, Users Manual


  • Activity 3 – Designing of the Capacity Building Programme (CBP) for the DMIRH including Training Needs Assessment (TNA) and Training Plan

    Country: Romania


    Donors - EIB FWA Lot 3

    Sectors: Health

    Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and Capacity Development; Procurement; IT services (software development); Elaboration of guidelines, studies, strategies