Period of implementation: November 2016-May 2018

Country – MALI

Beneficiary – Ministry of Justice


The overall objective of the Programme d’Appui à la Justice au Mali (PAJM) is to contribute to the construction and reinforcement of an independent, impartial and fair justice system for all Malian citizens.

Its specific objective is to strengthen the judicial institution, initiating good practices that will contribute to the strengthening of the credibility of justice, performance, capacity and accessibility of public justice services.

The results are:

Result 1: The public service of justice is improved and an efficient and operational structural framework of justice is put in place: improvement of the management, organization and computerization of the registries is ensured and the continued production of statistics is guaranteed.

Result 2: The judicial system has a framework of affirmed and shared values, these values being the independence, accountability and credibility of justice. The control and supervision bodies are strengthened as well as the fight against impunity.

Result 3: Accessibility of public justice services is improved through the guarantee of information and defense, and the strengthening of justice structures. The rights and living conditions of prisoners are improved


  • Diagnostic studies
  • Support for project management in line with the justice/prison sector policy, including revision of texts governing the status of the judiciary, implementation of a computerized application for the management of human resources, redesign of the RDJ-SJ computer application to fight corruption and improve transparency in the processing of files, training of the public staff of the Ministry of Justice, capacity building of the staff of the Inspectorate of Judicial Services, and improving judicial procedures in criminal, civil, commercial, administrative and social matters through training for administrative staff and strengthening internal and external control mechanisms.
  • Support for the reform process to improve access to the courts
  • Strengthening the prison administration in the exercise of its missions to secure prisons and humanize detention, including the definition of a new penitentiary policy, training and computerized management of the prison administration’s registries

Country: Mali


Donors - EU (Europe Aid)

Sectors: Justice; Human rights.

Type of Activities: Training and capacity development; IT services; Legal services; Studies and strategy elaboration.