Technical Assistance for the projects financed under the EEA

Technical Assistance for the national contact point for the implementation of the projects financed under the EEA financial mechanism

Period of implementation: 04.2011 – 10.2011

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – Ministry of Public Finance – ACSI and CFCU


The General Objective of the project is to deliver assistance to ACSI and CFCU within the NCP (National Contact Point), according to the EEA Rules and procedures and the national legislation, by delivering independent technical expertise during the implementation period of the projects financed under the EEA Financial Mechanism.


The project’s specific objectives are the following:

  • Development and the strengthening of the administrative and institutional capacity of ACSI and CFCU, for the fulfillment of the responsibilities regarding the management, monitoring, evaluation and control of the funds received through the EEA Mechanism.
  • Preparation of the ACSI and CFCU personnel for the realization of the specific functions, as well as for the preparation of the projects promoters;
  • Consultancy given to the ACSI and CFCU personnel for the efficient administrative, technical and financial management of the EEA Financial Mechanism;
  • Support to the activity of the ACSI and CFCU personnel for the preparation and implementation of the on-the-spot missions of the projects verification.
  • The project’s audit.



  • Elaboration / updating and approval of the internal operational procedures corresponding the EEA Financial Mechanism according to the Beneficiaries requests;
  • Analysis of the training needs of the ACSI and CFCU personnel;
  • Training for the ACSI and CFCU personnel involved within the management of the EEA;
  • The organization of 5 sessions for training / dissemination;
  • Elaboration of a final list with the subjects / themes which will be tackled during the training;
  • Elaboration of the training / dissemination material and its approval by the Beneficiaries;
  • Elaboration of the Program and Plan for the training / dissemination sessions;
  • Approval of the training / dissemination Report;
  • Organization of 4 study visits / experience exchange;
  • Guide for implementation of the contracts financed from the EEA Financial Mechanism.
  • ACTIVITY 2: „On the job” Technical Assistance, including, amongst others, assistance to the ACSI personnel for the improvement of the general coordination activity of the EEA Financial Mechanism; Approval of the Reports regarding the projects monitorization; Approval of the Publicity and Information Plan;

    ACTIVITY 3: Support for the „on the spot” missions, including the elaboration of a risk analysis for the on-going projects, including the risks of irregularities regarding the implementation activity, the expenses reimbursement and the monitoring of the EAA projects implementation and also solutions for preventing those situations;

    ACTIVITY 4: Audit for the projects financed under the EEA Mechanism

      Country: Romania


      Donors - MoU for the Implementation of the EEA Financial Mechanism (2004-2009) – 85%; The State Budget - 15%

      Sectors: Managing EU funds

      Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; Communication and Events.