Technical Assistance for Civil Society Facility Sivil Düşün III

Technical Assistance for Civil Society Facility (Sivil Düşün III)-Turkey

Period of implementation: 01/06/2018 –20/02/2020

Country –  Turkey

Beneficiary – Delegation of the European Union in Turkey

Name of client: European Commission


The overall objective of Civil Society Facility – Sivil Düsün III was to improve the environment for active citizenship and to strengthen the capacity of organised active citizens.

Achieved results:

  • Increased CSOs and citizens’ advocacy and monitoring skills;
  • Increased CSOs organisational and financial capacities;
  • Increased CSOs and active citizen’s capacities to reach out citizens through awareness-raising and communication and visibility activities;
  • Enhanced networking and collaboration among CSOs and active citizens (within Turkey as well as through enhanced public relations between Turkey, EU, IPA and ENPI countries);
  • Increased visibility and public support of organised citizens and CSOs right-based initiatives;
  • Increased visibility in media and society of the EU support to Civil Society and fundamental rights


      Component 1: Implementation of the Active Citizenship Mechanism

      Component 2: Communication and awareness-raising

      Component 3: Support to project management

      Country: Turkey


      Donors - IPA

      Sectors: Communication; Human rights; EU policy; Civil society

      Type of Activities: Training and capacity building; IT services.