Socio-professional balance – innovative support for mothers in Bucharest-Ilfov

Socio-professional balance – innovative support for mothers in Bucharest-Ilfov

Period of implementation: 04.2014 – 09.2015

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – MA DHROP


Specific objectives:
1. Strengthening the principle of equal access for women to the labor market by developing and delivering training programs for 270 women (training / retraining in baby-sitting);
2. Ensuring equal access to employment and career for 180 women from Bucharest-Ilfov region, that will return to the labor market after periods of childcare;
3. Increasing awareness of the principle of equal opportunities through an online communication campaign designed to raise public awareness (experts, employers) about the possibility of creating a good balance between work and family life.


      ICE was involved in the planning and preparation of the project (drafting the application), contributing with information to for sections on project management, description of activities, context and justification. Also, the partner will have substantial involvement in implementation and project management. Partner 1 will be involved in the following activities:

      1.1. Development and update of babysitting training programme

      1.2. Assessment, recruitment and selection of the target group

      1.3. Training / retraining in babysitting, in the Bucharest Ilfov region

      1.4. Creating and operating a professional network of excellent qualified babysitters

      1.5. Implementing personal development courses (coaching systemic) for 180 mothers

      1.6. Implementation of nonviolent communication course (Parenting) for 180 mothers

      1.7. Drafting training reports

      2.1. Information and publicity about the project

      2.2. Awareness campaign on equality opportunity in the family and at work

      2.3. Expert accounting of the financial statements of the two partners for the project operations

      2.4. Audit of financial statements (including requests for reimbursement)

      2.5. Administration of project logistics (IT facilities and website, accommodation, transportation, meals, etc.)

      2.6. Developing and managing the project archive

      2.7. Drafting implementation reports

      3.1. Management of procurement processes and legal assistance of project


        Country: Romania


        Donors - DHROP

        Sectors: Communication; Education; Disadvantaged groups; Employment; Labor Market; Human rights.

        Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; Communication and Events; Procurement.