Modernizing the human resources management for the public service

Modernizing the human resources management for the public service in Romania

Period of implementation: 11.2007 – 11.2008

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – National Association of Civil Servants


The general objective of the project was the one of implementation of the public administration reform in the fields of public service reform, decentralization and deconcentration of the public service and of the process of politics formulation.

The specific objective of the service contract has been defined on 2 levels:

  • At the level of the Public Administration: increasing of the coordination between the NACS and the HR departments from the local and central public administration, in order to efficiently implement the mentioned civil servants’ legislation and in order to ensure an adequate know-how transfer to the local level;

At the level of NACS: redefinition of the NACS capacities in order to administrate the HR within the service of civil servants in Romania in the light of the responsibilities deriving from the republished Law 188/1999.


Component 1: Development of the systems and procedures for the evaluation, monitoring and control of the NACS positions, including, amongst others, TNA, training and capacity building in the field of design, implementation and evaluation of the HR and for issuing of the regulations and for the monitoring and control of the application of the relevant legislation regarding the Romanian civil service and the legislation and the European standards, development of the NACS capacity in order to elaborate and evaluate opinion surveys and to realize evaluation analysis regarding the impact and feasibility studies on different issues concerning the civil service, and introduction of quality management instruments for the public service in Romania.

Component 2: Development and implementation of the public politics for the Human Resources management within the Romanian Public Administration, as well as for the design and monitoring of a coordination system of the HRM field, including elaboration of a medium and long term plan for the consolidation of the Human Resources representatives, design of a webpage for the human resources network and its connection to the NACS database, elaboration, production, publication and dissemination of a good practices manual, training sessions, elaboration of an Orientative Document – Development of projects for obtaining the Structural Funds, elaboration of a Proposal for a project of Structural Funds in the IT field, reviewing of the Public Functions Occupation Plan, and elaboration of some computerized mechanisms for the calculation of the financial effort at national level regarding the payment of the public servants salaries.

Component 3: Development and implementation of the mechanisms and procedures for the insurance of the transparency and responsibility of the public function in Romania, including impact study, action plan, elaboration of contacts database, extension of the counselors’ network, training sessions.

Country: Romania


Donors - European Commission

Sectors: Evaluation; Managing EU funds.

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; IT services (software development); Surveys; Elaboration of guidelines, studies, strategies; Monitoring and evaluation.