Management of the Local Government Development and Modernization Fund

Management of the Local Government Development and Modernization Fund

Period of implementation: 11.2007 –12.2008

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – CUPAR (Ministry of Administration and Interior)


The specific objective of this service contract was to support CUPAR and local public administration in the set up, promotion and sound management of the Local Government Development and Modernization Fund. This contributed to the improvement of the capacity of the local public administration to elaborate and implement successful, high quality projects in several fields. This program enhanced the local government capacity to elaborate and implement projects on topics that are important for promoting sustainable local development activities.

The key points of this project were focused on:

  • Professional technical assistance to the CUPAR – for the management of all Fund related activities
  • Specialized training for the local authorities regarding the management of the future ESF and public services.


Component 1: Technical Assistance to the Local Government Development and Modernization Fund; elaboration of the evaluation methodology, performed the evaluation, preparation of grants agreements, designed a database for projects selected, Training Needs Assessment, training related to management of funds, on the job training, workshops for CUPAR, training of the final beneficiaries, designed a monitoring strategy, evaluation of the implemented projects, awareness-design brochure of best practice

Component 2: Training program for CUPAR and the local authorities on the management of ESF and public services: TNA, designed the training strategy and curriculum design, designed training materials, delivered training in ESF, training in public management, evaluation of the training; organized 2 study visits

Country: Romania


Donors - European Commission

Sectors: Evaluation

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; Communication and Events; Surveys; Monitoring and evaluation.