Lot 11-TA for Multi-annual Programming of Future CBC Programme

Lot 11-TA for Multi-annual Programming of Future CBC Programme in the Black Sea Basin

Period of implementation: 10.2006- 05.2007

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – Commission of European Communities


The global objective of this assignment was to strengthen the capacity of the central and regional bodies to implement the EU Structural Funds assistance in the field of cross border cooperation.

The specific objective of the assignment was to support the Romanian authorities involved in the programming exercise 2007-2013 to draw up the ENPI/CBC program and the Financing Agreement for the Black Sea basin.



  1. Identify and draw-up a thorough analysis of the stakeholders within the Black Sea basin.
  2. Draw-up a socio-economic analysis of the geographic eligible area and identify the priorities and areas of intervention to be included in the ENPI/CBC program.
  3. Organize 2 workshops, 1 at international level and 1 at national level, for the ENPI/CBC program, in order to discuss with the stakeholders from the whole eligible area, the main findings and the priority axes to be chosen
  4. Participate, in the meetings of the Joint Task Force and of the drafting working groups for the elaboration of the ENPI/CBC program.
  5. Participate together with the JMA staff at 2 meetings with the representatives of the Commission, in Brussels.
  6. Collaborate and work closely with the EC and the TA teams of experts from other partner countries in the Black Sea program.
  7. Elaborate the chapters of the ENPI/CBC program as described above.
  8. Provide on-the-job training to the Joint Managing Authority staff.
  9. Provide assistance to the JMA staff in elaborating an initial project pipeline.
  10. Draft the Financing Agreements for the Black Sea basin program.

Country: Romania


Donors - European Union Phare Program

Sectors: Local and Regional Development; Managing EU funds

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; Communication and Events; Programming.