Lot 11-Compliance Assessment of the MLSSF to Implement PHARE

Lot 11-Compliance Assessment of the MLSSF to Implement PHARE according to EDIS Requirements

Period of implementation: 08.2006 – 11.2006

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – Commission of European Communities


Within the Framework of this project EWC will provide technical assistance to help assess the administrative capacity within the Ministry of Labour, Social Solidarity and Family and related PIUs involved in the management of pre-accession funds in view of transition to EDIS.

The purpose of this contract is to enable the national authorities responsible for the financial management of the Community instrument to determine, following compliance audits, whether the pre-conditions are fulfilled at the MLSSF for formal application for EDIS.


  1. Audit activities
  2. management structure and organization, and in particular:
  • existence of clear and adequate allocation of responsibilities including proper legal basis (in particular Financing Agreements between NAO and PAO, between PAO and PIUs)
  • staff issues
  • information and communication among key players and within the organizations and filing system
  • performance and risk management issues
  • rules governing prevention and reporting of frauds and irregularities
  1. control activities (covering the whole project cycle) including:
  • existence of written procedures (audit trail documents, operational manuals and checklists)
  • adequate separation of functions (in particular between procurement and payment activities)
  • supervision (ex ante control functions: internal checks, financial control, technical verifications)
  1. internal audit in each target institution
  2. procurement rules
  3. commitment by the National Authorizing Officer
  • conditions for fulfilling the commitment by the NAO to bear full financial responsibility and liability for the Funds.
  1. Opinion on the EDIS application file

Country: Romania


Donors - European Union Phare Program

Sectors: Managing EU funds

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Surveys.