Kars City with its Historical Identity Project

Technical Assistance for Kars City with its Historical Identity Project

Period of implementation: 04/2021-10/2023

Country –  Turkey

Beneficiary – MoIT / SERKA


Overall objective of the contract is to contribute to the social and economic development of Kars through interventions in the tourism sector and the purpose is to improve regional competitiveness of the tourism industry in Kars by improving physical conditions and by developing and implementing a Sustainable Tourism Governance Model based on the public-private partnership and also by developing a Site Management Plan.

Results to be achieved:

Result 1 – Local capacity to improve competitiveness of the tourism industry is strengthened.

Result 2 – Tourism oriented Governance structure is established.

Result 3 – Public Private Partnership model is established.


Activity A – Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy for Kars

Activity B – Establishment of Governance Structure

Activity C – Conservation of Historical Buildings

Activity D – Marketing

Activity E – Capacity Building, including trainings and capacity building

Country: Turkey


Donors - European Commission

Sectors: Communication; Economic development; Tourism.

Type of Activities: Training and capacity building; Studies and strategy elaboration.