Intercommunity development associations

Intercommunity development associations – an instrument for providing qualitative and efficient local public services

Period of implementation: 10.2010 – 07.2011

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – Ministry of Administration and Interior


General objective: development of the local public administration authorities’ capacity of establishing, organizing and managing intercommunity development associations.

Specific objectives:

  • Raising awareness among local public administration authorities regarding the benefits gained through the association of regional-administrative units
  • Encouraging the regional-administrative units to build intercommunity development associations in order to increase the quality and the efficiency of jointly provided local public services and to encourage the development of joint viable qualitative regional development projects
  • Capacity building for intercommunity development associations.


    Activity 1: Organization of a study visit in another Member State with experience in establishing, organizing and managing intercommunity development associations. 

    Activity 2: Developing and implementing the training program for increasing the regional-administrative units’ capacity to build and manage intercommunity development associations.  

    Activity 3: Organizing a study tour for the representatives of the local and central public administration in an institution of another Member State, in order to increase their capacity of managing intercommunity development associations

    Activity 4: Financial consultancy services

    Activity 5: Communication and promotion consultancy services

    Activity 6: Providing specialized books and magazines

    Activity 7: Printing and distribution services for project’s materials.

    Country: Romania


    Donors - OPDAC, priority axis 1, MIF 1

    Sectors: Communication; Managing EU funds.

    Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; Communication and Events.