Impact evaluation of Major Intervention Domain (DMI) 5.2

Subsequent contract no. 5 – „Impact evaluation of Major Intervention Domain (DMI) 5.2 Creation / development / modernization of infrastructure for sustainable capitalization of natural resources with tourism potential and increase the quality of tourism services”

Period of implementation: 07.2014 – 03.2015

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – AM ROP


The purpose of the project is to assess the investments financed by ROP by drafting the evaluation studies stressing the effects of the interventions and the contribution of the Regional Development European Fund (RDEF) to the regional development in Romania. The TA also aims to strengthen the evaluation internal capacity of the Management Authority (MA) and Intermediary Bodies (IB) of ROP.

The specific objectives of the Framework-agreement for Lot 1 are the following:

  • To be a source for gaining new knowledge on the impact of interventions financed under ROP 2007-2013, DMI 5.2 and to contribute to decisions based on real information;
  • To analyze the effects of the interventions financed under the ROP 2007-2013, DMI 5.2 and to estimate the impact achieved, measured based on indicators established for each type of support;
  • To make proposals on the suitability of methodologies used and databases necessary for future evaluations of these types of interventions.


        • Activity 1: Review of specialized literature
        • Activity 2: Designing the assessment methodology, data analysis and interpretation
        • Activity 3: Complementary methods for qualitative analysis of the results
        • Activity 4: Conclusions and lessons for future programmes


    Country: Romania


    Donors - ROP

    Sectors: Evaluation

    Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Surveys; Monitoring and evaluation