Full time procurement advisory support

Ad hoc 2-Task Order 4 – Full time procurement advisory support – Ad-hoc advisory support for the implementation of the 3 REHs – AA-011550-001, LOT 3-HealthCare support, EIB

Period of implementation: 04/2024 – 08/2024


Beneficiary – EIB / Ministry of Health (MoH)


Provide day to day procurement advisory services

Main Activities:

  • Support ANDIS in preparing the Requirements Packages;
  • Provide peer review on procurement related documents;
  • Provide technical input and guidance over the Third Parties;
  • Support ANDIS in developing/updating/improving the ‘’Procurement Plan’’;
  • Propose the ‘’Award Criteria’‘ and ‘’Qualification and Selection Criteria’’ and provide input to the contracting strategies;      
  • Provide tender evaluation advisory support services such as supporting the evaluation committees as a co-opted expert and similar:
  • Support ANDIS in developing tender evaluation plan (e.g. resource planning, etc.);
  • Support ANDIS in developing individual evaluation plans for each procedure;
  • Provide support on drafting the response to the clarifications, in the period preceding the submission of the offers and advice addressing the procurement related complaints
  • Assist in managing and coordinating the procurement related PASSA activities/ assignments and in reviewing the procurement related deliverables/ documents prepared by the others. Provide input when needed;
  • Support in planning, implementing and coordinating the procurement related Capacity Building Activities to be delivered to the ANDIS staff members;
  • Assist day-to-day administration of the PASSA project in procurement related matters;

    Country: Romania


    Donors - EIB FWA Lot 3

    Sectors: Health

    Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and Capacity Development; Procurement; IT services (software development); Elaboration of guidelines, studies, strategies