Framework Agreement for the training on the Management of Operational Programmes

Framework Agreement for the training on the Management of Operational Programmes of staff within the structures for coordination, management and control of Structural Instruments

Period of implementation: 06.2013 – 06.2016

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – Ministry of European Funds


The framework contract’s objective is to increase the administrative capacity of the institutions responsible for the efficient management of Structural Instruments.

The specific objectives of the framework contract are to provide knowledge and develop skills to help develop the professional skills of employees of institutions involved in the management of Structural Instruments in Romania, by:

  1. Organizing training programs in Romania

2. Organization study visits to best practice sharing in other EU Member States.

    This contract aims to organize training sessions and study visits to share best practices for staff of management and coordination institutions for structural instruments. The knowledge and skills to be acquired / improved will cover the following areas:

      1. Programming and new regulations for the period 2014-2020;
      2. Management of operational programs, including risk management,
      3. Monitor and report on structural instruments,
      4. Indicators,
      5. Monitoring at project level,
      6. State aid and income generating projects,
      7. Horizontal policies,
      8. Management partnerships,
      9. Technical assistance and closing programs;
      10. Financial Management of N + 2 rule,
      11. The audit, including eligible expenditure
      12. Reimbursement claims processing and payments
      13. Verification of management,
      14. Reporting,
      15. The system audit and operations, and irregularities
      16. Prevention and correction of irregularities;
      17. Management of projects financed by structural instruments;
      18. Management of public procurement;

      19. Other relevant topics seeing the skills and competences of managing structural instruments.

      Country: Romania


      Donors - POAT

      Sectors: Managing EU funds

      Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development; Communication and Events; Procurement; Design, FS, CBA,FA etc; Legal support; State aid; Programming.