Ex-ante evaluation and SEA services

Ex-ante evaluation and SEA services

Period of implementation: 09.2013-12.2014

Country –  Romania and Bulgaria

Beneficiary – Regional Office for Cross Border Cooperation Călărași for the Romania-Bulgaria border


Overall objective of the ex-ante and SEA is:
• To bring a real added value and improve the quality of the intervention logic of the Programme by giving valuable judgments and recommendations, based on new regulations that correspond to the future Common Strategic Framework 2014 – 2020, taking into account the ex-ante requirements.
• To provide analysis and recommendations from independent experts, separately from the programming planning.
• To improve and enhance the final quality of the Operational Programme.

Overall objective of the SEA is the description, identification and evaluation of likely significant environmental effects of the Programme implementation, to be taken into account when preparing the Programme. SEA will provide decision makers in the EC and partner countries relevant information to assess the challenges and considerations with respect to CBC Romania-Bulgaria 2014-2020.

1. Planning and structuring the evaluation. In this stage the research methodology and tools as well as the work plan will be detailed.
2. Documentation and research for data collection. Relevant data containing quantitative and qualitative information will be collected based on a combination of specific methods: desktop research of documents and monitoring relevant data. The field research consists of interviews with relevant actors. Concerning the SEA, we will organize public debates.
3. Data analysis. The data collected will be analyzed using methods in order to be able to provide suggestions and recommendations relevant for the project objectives.
4. Drawing conclusions and making recommendations. The ex-ante and SEA reports will be presented to the Contracting Authority and revisited following their feed-back.

Country: Romania and Bulgaria

Sectors: Evaluation; Managing EU funds.

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Surveys; Programming; Monitoring and evaluation.