Evaluation of SOP Environment Communication Plan

Evaluation of SOP Environment Communication Plan

Period of implementation: 07.2011 – 02.2012

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – Ministry of Environment and Forests


The general objective of the project was the independent evaluation of the implementation of the Communication Plan for the „Environment” Sectoral Operational Program (SOP Environment) 2007-2013, with a view to drawing up recommendations for the future information and publicity actions.

The specific objectives aimed at obtaining answers to the following questions (and not only):

  • Whether the information and publicity activities carried out in the period 2007-2010 provided an answer to the Communication Plan objectives;
  • Whether the Communication Plan has provided a follow-up answer to the informational needs of the target group, as it was defined;
  • Improvement of the Communication Plan, if needed;
  • Provide relevant information and trustworthy and relevant analysis of the progress achieved in the implementation of the Communication Plan for SOP Environment, with a view to contributing to the reporting presented in article 4, paragraph 2 of Regulation (EC) 1828/2006.


      1. Desk research – Analysis of the strategic documents and framework, other relevant information
      2. Field research – Interviews at central and regional level
      3. Field research – Quantity analysis (national survey for almost 5000 persons: 4000 in the urban area and 1000 in the rural area .
      4. Field research – Quality analysis – Organize 12 focus groups
      5. A draft version of the Evaluation Report, sent for comments both to the Management Authority, as well as to the Intermediary Bodies

      6. A final version of the Evaluation Report fully or partially integrating the comments received.

      Country: Romania


      European Fund for Regional Development and State Budget

      Sectors: Communication; Environment & Energy; Evaluation.

      Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Surveys; Monitoring and evaluation