Cooperation with Civil Society in the field of Migration and International Protection

Technical Assistance for Cooperation with Civil Society in the field of Migration and International Protection

Period of implementation: 08/03/2019 – 07/09/2021

Country –  Turkey

Beneficiary – CFCU


The overall objective of the project is to improve the administrative infrastructure in the field of migration management, including international protection, in line with the Law on Foreigners and International Protection and the requirements of the EU-Turkey Readmission Agreement.

 The specific objective of the project is to improve the capacity of CSOs working in the field of migration and international protection and their cooperation with EU counterparts and public institutions including the decision-making process.

The project is expected to achieve the following results:

Result I: The technical knowledge and capacity of CSOs to contribute to policy and decision making in the field of migration and to take part in implementation of the decisions and policies in this field is enhanced.

Result II: Efficient network building of CSOs is strengthened and the environment for dialogue between civil society and public authorities on migration matters is improved.


    Activity 1: Identify and map CSOs active in research and advocacy in the field of migration and international protection 

    Activity 2: Design of training modules for CSOs working in the field of migration

    Activity 3: Delivery of training for CSOs working in the field of migration

    Activity 4: Organisation of two best practices conferences with EU-based stakeholders active in the field of public authority- CSO dialogue

    Activity 5: Prepare a report for the identification of areas where CSOs may take role as implementing partner

    Activity 6: Develop model Protocols and SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures)

    Activity 7: Support CSOs to ensure sustainability and independence

    Activity 8: Organise two workshops to assist in establishing with CSOs in Turkey with the CSOs in origin, target and transit countries in order to improve the network, experience and information sharing

    Activity 9: Identify already existing CSO migration networks with municipalities, local authorities, regional & national public authorities working on migration and support a nation-wide CSO migration network & Organise Study Visits

    Country: Turkey


    Donors - European Commission

    Sectors: Communication; Migration; Civil society.

    Type of Activities: Training and capacity building