Ad-hoc advisory support for the implementation of the 3 REHs

Ad hoc 2-Task Order (TO5) 05 under the contract – AA-011550-001 – Ad-hoc advisory support for the implementation of the 3 REHs

Period of implementation: 04/2024 – 09/2024


Beneficiary – EIB / Ministry of Health (MoH)


Preparation and delivery of 3 training sessions of 5 days each on applied project & construction management for 45-51 ANDIS employees.

Main Activities:

  1. Preparation of training content
  • roles, responsibilities and interactions
  • deliverables of all types of contractors/services providers and other stakeholders according to RO legislation
  • financing contracts
  • signed and future contracts (general and specific conditions)
  • existing organisational procedures
  • focus on the perspectives of the beneficiary
  • types of deliverables according to the project flow / implementation phases
  • monitoring, controlling and closing effort   


  1. Delivery of training – 3 training sessions in the period April – September 2024 

Follow-up support and preparation of training report

Country: Romania


Donors - EIB FWA Lot 3

Sectors: Health

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and Capacity Development; Procurement; Design, FS, CBA,FA etc; Legal support; Surveys; Elaboration of guidelines, studies, strategies