Further Development of the National School of Clerks

Further Development of the National School of Clerks

Period of implementation: 11.2008 – 11.2009

Country –  Romania

Beneficiary – National School of Clerks


The general objective was building a professional judiciary system in Romania.

The specific objective was the continuous institutional development of the National School of Clerks, so as to be able to meet the training needs of the clerks in the Romanian judiciary system. 


ACTIVITY 1. Improving the promotion of School’s objectives and activities, including designing and printing of informing brochures, flyers, CD-s , and organizing meetings and one conference to promote the Schools;  

ACTIVITY 2. Training of trainers from NSC (National School of Clerks) in various specific areas

ACTIVITY 3. Trainers able to apply modern didactic methods and techniques – Organizing 2 workshops 

ACTIVITY 4.  Improving trainers selection and training policy

ACTIVITY 5. The clerks within the courts trained in specific subject matters, which should respond to the exigencies of the specialized courts/sections/communities as well as to the  exigencies related to European integration

ACTIVITY 6. Elaboration of 3 manuals for each of the following specific subject matters: the institutions involved in minors’ judicial protection, public relations and communication, the relation between the national courts and the European Courts.

Country: Romania


Donors - PHARE

Sectors: Justice

Type of Activities: Project and Contract Management; Training and capacity development.