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Transformational coaching services

Approximately 97% of people are thinking like this: When I will HAVE money, I will buy the house that I want and I WILL BE HAPPY.

Approximately 3% of the world population is thinking like this: when I AM HAPPY, I WILL BE DOING things that I have not done until now due to fear of failure, and working in another way, I WILL HAVE the money that I wish to have in order to buy the house that I like.

Transformational coaching is a process through which the Client, with the support of the coach, is getting aware of the way in which new results can be achieved in his personal and professional life, by identifying the „conversations” and „convictions” that are shaping his life, respectively, all what HE IS, DOES and HAS at present. With the support of the coach, the client can choose to experiment other ways of BEING that could help him achieving REZULTS (To HAVE) through other ways of MAKING THINGS.

The client is the one that is choosing and defining what he is wishing and the direction he is heading towards. The coach is only the limpid head that is accompanying in his trip of discovering that all what he DOES and HAS is the result of a WAY of BEING. The client can choose to change his “conversations” and thus, to experiment a new WAY of BEING.

Come in a trip to experiment that all what you DO and HAVE is strongly connected to the WAY of BEING.

Come to experiment how you can HAVE whatever you proposed, DOING things in another way and from another space and WAY of BEING.

Choose to live an extraordinary life!
Choose to be happy!
Everything is possible!
Overcome your limits!

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