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What do people wish ? If we could put on paper all what we hear that people are wishing, at the end, we could briefly conclude that most of all, they wish to be loved and appreciated. These wishes are in most cases hidden under diverse masks of another needs, but the truth is that people are seeking LOVE and APPRECIATION.

So simple? Only these wishes?

However, if we look around us, why are there so many complains ? Why some people’s life is a continuous „I cannot, I don’t have, It is not possible, it’s not for me, the other is better, I am not like them, this is not for me”.

Are these complains familiar to you? This „voice” is explaining why you cannot have everything what you want, is controlling your life.

What is your wish ?
Do you know what are you wishing ?
Did you ever set up an goal ?
What have you done to attain it?
Did you observe that doing the same things over and over again, you cannot manage to obtain whatever you proposed?
Did you try to do things in another way ?

For sure that on the way to the proposed objective, you realised that you are doing the same things over and over again, and that each time you proposed: this time I will be paying attention not to repeat what I experienced last time !

Probably, you are not the only one that heard the following story. Your friend is telling you what is he experimenting at his working place. His boss is constantly shouting and is expressing his dissatisfaction. Relating his daily story, your friend is remembering suddenly that at his previous working place he came across a similar situation, although his boss is another person. This time he is a man, not a woman. And, if he recalls well, some time ago, during university studies, he encountered a similar experience with a teacher........  

Probably, your friend is asking himself? „Where I am getting it wrong? Why all these are happening only to me? Well......” And suddenly, he decides to look for another working place. 

What are you thinking about his future ? You guessed: he will experiment over and over again the same thing. His future boss will be identical with the teacher from university, and with the boss from his first working place, and the boss from the second working place.......

So, what is the solution to escape this repeatability? Is it likely that people are condemned to live over and over again the same tiresome and repeating experiences? What is the solution?

The solution is to be aware of the repeatability and to identify those manners that are generating and maintaining those experiences. The good news is that you can break this repeatability and can do the change. 

The change is in you. And what is inside you is expressed also outside you. Your inner transformation will lead consciously to a change in your entire environment.
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Everything is possible!
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