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08 Nov 2018

Between January 2018 – July 2019, International Consulting Expertise (ICE) is implementing the project “Specialized training services for developing the technical and general skills for the staff within the Management Authority, Intermediary Bodies and Beneficiaries of ROP 2014-2020” within the Framework contract with the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP).
The general objective of the public procurement contract is to develop the technical and general skills for the staff within the Management Authority and the supporting bodies, the Intermediary Bodies and beneficiary institutions of the Regional Operational Programme, through specialized training.
The expected results are, as follows:
 Organized working meetings of the thematic groups established by the MA with the participation of experts within IB ROP (approx. 126 persons)
 Improved level of training of the staff within MA ROP and supporting structures and IB ROP through organizing specialized trainings with the participation of staff within MA ROP, IB ROP and beneficiaries (approx.. 614 persons)
 Organized experience exchanges (study visits) for experts within the MA and IB ROP in Member States of the EU, to deepen and expand their knowledge on the management of Structural Funds, including the approach of the new priority axis included in ROP 2014-2020 (approx.. 90 persons)
 Database for monitoring the training at the level of the entire programme, using the existing registration systems, developed.
Between March-September 2018 470 persons within MA ROP and IB ROP were trained
We present below the topics covered by ICE trainers:
 Public procurement
 Changes of the legislation on public procurement for private beneficiaries - legislative and procedural framework
 Public procurement and the enforcement of GEO 66/2011
 Identifying irregularities and anti-fraud
 Monitoring and verification of the implementation of construction projects
 Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) for major projects
 Financial Instruments
 Audit
 Urban development
 Urban mobility
 Social insertion economy
 Project Management (with ANC accreditation)
 State aid and income generating projects
 Development of the capacity to evaluate the ROP programme
 Elaboration of the design of ROP evaluation
 Counterfactual analysis of ROP financing impact – programme evaluation

07 Nov 2018

Starting with May 2018, International Consulting Expertise (ICE) has delivered and organized the logistics for 16 workshops and training sessions addressed to the Management Authority for Large Infrastructure Operational Programme (MA LIOP), Intermediary Body Transport (IB T) and LIOP 2014-2020 beneficiaries, as part of the Technical Assistance project financed by the European Investment Bank under Lot 4: Smart Growth, Social Infrastructure and Horizon 2020: Build implementation capacities and skills for LIOP 2014-2020 – organisation of events for MA LIOP, IB T and beneficiaries (TA2017155 RO RP1).

The training sessions were delivered by ICE Lecturers on topics such as: Public Procurement (October), Monitoring of Project design (September), Certification of Expenditures (June) and Management of Works Contracts (May, June, July, August and September). The remaining 20 workshops / training sessions will be delivered until June 2019 on topics such as: Irregularities and Fraud, Correlation between works contracts and national legislation, Eligibility of costs and contractual procedures, Management of works contract, Financial Management, etc.

01 Jun 2017

In May 2017, ICE finalized successfully the implementation of the project Summative evaluation of “First Priority: No More ‘Invisible’ Children!” modelling project in Romania, 2011-2015, with UNICEF as beneficiary.

20 Feb 2017

ICE began implementing the contract „Develop and launch the implementation of a mandatory training program for judges (needs assessment and training events), that aims at training the judges in the Republic of Moldova in the field of state aid. The contract will be finalized in November 2017.

18 May 2016

In May 2016, International Consulting Expertise began implementing the project “Perception survey on the official development assistance offered by the government of Romania to the Republic of Moldova”.
The Contracting Authority is UNDP Romania, and the project is scheduled to be finalized by the end of June 2016.

20 Mar 2016

In March 2016, ICE began implementing the project Summative evaluation of “First Priority: No More ‘Invisible’ Children!” modelling project in Romania, 2011-2015.
The Contracting Authority is UNICEF, and the project will continue until February 2017.

The summative evaluation is expected to provide quality evidence to inform key stakeholders at national and county level and make adjustments to the new modelling project “Social inclusion through the provision of integrated social services at community level currently implemented in Bacau county”, as well as to support advocacy for the transition towards accessible, sustainable, quality and child rights centered, integrated services at family and community level.

20 Dec 2015

Since December 2015, for two years and a half, ICE will be implementing in the Republic of Moldova the project Design and Delivery of a Training Program for the Development of Professional Competences in National Institutes with Mandate in Human Rights Fields.
Within this project we will elaborate a systematic training/coaching program in the field of human rights (theoretic and practical training and mentoring) and we will ensure the implementation of this program for the key staff of beneficiary institutions with mandate and responsibilities in fields related to human rights, criminal law, governance and anticorruption.

15 Nov 2015

In November-December 2015, for one month, ICE will be implementing the project „Qualitative and quantitative research services/public opinion study/survey in Romania” in the field of international development.

The project objective is to perform a quantitative and qualitative research on the Romanian people’s level of awareness and information and the visibility level of EU’s and the Romanian Government’s development policy.

20 Sep 2015

During the period between September 2015 and March 2016, ICE is implementing the project Consultancy services for the design of an evaluation study within the project „Increase of integrity in the National Agency for Fiscal Administration through institutional cooperation and capacity building” – financed through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.
The Contracting Authority is the General Secretariat of the Government and the beneficiary is ANAF.
The study will target:
• Identification of risks and vulnerabilities to corruption in tax and customs
• Proposal of specific measures to diminish them
• Analysis of the institutional framework of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, to evaluate if it can provide appropriate support to apply the anticorruption policy and to elaborate improvement options for it.

06 Aug 2015

Romania-Serbia OP 2014-2020 was adopted today, August 6th, by EC through Decision C(2015) 5667 of 06/08/2015. International Consulting Expertise was contracted by the CBC Office Timisoara to draft the programme, and we are happy to announce the succes of our project.

11 May 2015

Results of impact evaluation studies of KAI 3.4 and KAI 5.2 of Regional Operational Programme, made by ICE for the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration have been published and reflected in mass-media:







01 Apr 2015

The evaluation of the General Porgramme Solidarity and Management of Migration Flows in Romania for 2011-2013 will be drafted by the ICE team contracted by the General Inspectorate for Immigration

08 Jan 2015

Aprobarea Programului Operațional de Cooperare Transfrontalieră România-Bulgaria 2014-2020, de către Guvernul Romîniei, s-a realizat cu sprijinul ICE în cadrul unui proiect de asistență tehnică.

11 Sep 2014

Romania-Serbia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme has been elaborated under the programming exercise 2014-2020 with ICE technical support.

10 Sep 2014

The approval of 2014-2020 Romania-Bulgaria Cross-Border Cooperation Programme by the Romanian Government has been facilitated by the ex-ante evaluation technical assistance project implemented by ICE.

04 Sep 2014

ICE is elaborating a study related to the needs of Romanian migrants within a project implemented by the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly.

31 Jul 2014

The first contra-factual (impact) evaluations in Romania were realised with our contribution. ICE is currently carrying out 2 evaluation studies (Major Intervention Field 3.4 and 5.2 of Regional Operational Programme) aiming at underlying the effects of the interventions and contribution of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) towards achievement of regional development objectives.

31 May 2014

ICE is supporting the improvement of quality of services delivered to citizens in the light of improving the transparency of public administration and trust in the public services offered, for all categories of Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elderly’ beneficiaries.

28 Mar 2014

ICE is contributing to the professional integration of 560 long term unemployed persons from the South Muntenia and South West Oltenia regions, through provision of employment related services (information and professional counselling, training, professional mediation, consultancy and assistance for starting independent activities or for business start-up).

25 Nov 2013

ICE is providing technical assistance to the Ministry of European Funds (MEF) for the elaboration of 2014-2020 Technical Assistance Operational Programme.