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ISO 9001 Certificate: from 2008. Consultancy for business and management (project management, consultancy services, research and training).

Protection of data with personal character

Interational Consulting Expertise is authorised to process data with personal character by the National Authority for Surveilling the process of personal character data  (Autoritatea Națională pentru Supravegherea Prelucrării Datelor cu Caracter Personal - ANSPDCP). ICE is committed to respect the provisions of 677/2001 Law.

The personal character information are processed with the purpose of organising and delivery if continous training, elaboration of sociological studies, fundamenting technical assistance and consultancy reports.

Data colected is treated under strict confidentiality and is collected by trained and qualified persons.

Data collected with the purpose of organising and delivery of continous training sessions is used exclusively in the benefit of the personal data owners, for certifying their participation to the training courses.

Data collected for sociological studies and for supporting the elaboration of reports is exclusively used for statistical purposes.

Any owner has the right to request ICE personal data when his/her data was saved. Also, anyone could request correction of personal data if errors are being identified.

The company is taking all necessary measures to ensure that information supplied by participants to sociological studies and training programmes has been saved in safe locations.